Attention all book lovers: Fourth Wing is a must-read! Here’s why…

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Booktrovert Reader
Booktrovert Reader
Author: Rebecca Yarros

The Empyrean, #1


I have already pre-ordered Iron Flame….yep I allowed FOMO to influence me.


I did do a podcast with a guest, exploring Fourth Wing and discussing the themes and characters of the book. It is in two parts, so make sure to listen to both!


So, “Fourth Wing” by Rebecca Yarros has undoubtedly taken the bookish community by storm. She came out of nowhere and is now a number of books in the reader’s hands. I have even seen people who don’t read fantasy loving this book.

So, obviously, this is something I had to read. Dragons, romance, and I dare say danger? But there are things in this story that I loved and probably didn’t love as much.

Would I say this is worth all the hype? Egh…that is debatable. But I will say that this is worth picking up. This world is so creative and well built that it is easy to be pulled into the story. 

What I loved:

So, the rep in Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Violet, our main character, is considered fragile. Hurts easily, joints always coming out of the socket and her bones can break easily. Since I have this same condition, it was beautiful to see this represented by a character that is going through the same thing that I did.

I love the magic system and the dragons in this. Where the dragons are superior beings in this world and the cadets’ lives are constantly being threatened. Also constantly being threatened by their peers to ride dragons.

Violet’s life is constantly threatened the moment she enters the Quadrant to be a dragon rider. Super action packed book for sure. Not only because she is considered fragile and may not be worthy of riding a dragon. But also because she is a daughter of a Sorrengail, a general’s daughter, and a descendant of a legacy of dragon riders.

It doesn’t help that Xaden, a third-year cadet, wants to kill her because she is a Sorrengail daughter. There is a lot of hidden baggage from this son of a traitor.

Violet in this story had to overcome a lot. Not only her personal weaknesses but finding self-confidence in herself to keep going even though outside forces were trying to convince her otherwise. I love the journey she goes through to overcome the obstacles and the pretenses people have of her.

The only thing I really didn’t love is the terms that she used when she was staring at the romantic love interest. Used the word hot and thought like a high schooler with raging hormones. It wasn’t the best, but I am hoping that will change in the next books.

Dragons….dare I say more?

The ending……ugh the conclusion. Why do this to me Yarros?

With that cliffhanger, I am excited to see how this story will progress in the second book that is coming out in November.

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