Iron Flame: An Honest Book Review

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Author: Rebecca Yarros

The Empyrean, #2


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I will be the first to say that I didn’t hate Iron Flame. I just think that it is not all that it could have been. This book didn’t sparkle like Fourth Wing did for me.

I felt that Rebecca Yarros may have gotten caught up in the hype of getting the next book in the series published. She didn’t take the time to really edit it down to a reasonable size.

I know some fan base people say that it is perfect in every way. But I personally beg to differ. When Crescent City the House of Earth and Blood is actually considered smaller because of word count. I stand on the notion that Iron Flame was just too darn long.

I am just glad that most of the plot that was happening in the book was interesting and helped me keep going. And the possible cliffhanger at the end.

No Spoiler Book Review

When I first started the book, I was seriously convinced that this book was better than the first. I was excited and was plowing through. Then the 25oish mark hit and I was losing interest.

This book felt long. Not only there was small print in this book, but there seem to be chapters in this book that could have been edited down or not included altogether.

The relationship between Violet and Xiaden wasn’t the same. Yes, there was a little bit of pining in the beginning but it didn’t last long. Also this time, it seems like there was a competition on having the smut scenes in the craziest places.

The magic system in this book left me asking lots of questions because a lot of it is unexplained as to why certain magic works as it does. Maybe I am forgetting some of the details from the previous book. But I spent a few times just wondering why things happened as they did.

I really love the dragons in this. It is really what kept me going in reading this. They have amazing personalities that shine individually. Also, the side characters were amazing. Can I say Rhiannon is my favorite in this? Such a supportive friend, Violet doesn’t deserve her.

The ending, the surprise ending that everyone was talking about. Was, okay? I mean, I didn’t see it coming but the book didn’t put in a hyphened suspense to care about the ending. The book took so long to get there that I was just ready for the big reveal to be over with.


If you haven’t read Iron Flame yet, I would highly recommend to bookmark this page and come back another day. You have officially been warned. Unless you want the spoilers before reading it, then welcome then.

So, Violet and Xaden relationship isn’t the same in this one. Violet is upset with Xaden for keeping secrets from her. Claiming that if they were in a relationship, they shouldn’t keep secrets. But yet, Violet has no problem doing it to her friends. She “hated it” but did it anyway. A little hypocritical if you ask me.

Oh, Xaden saying that Violet didn’t know because she didn’t ask. Really?

After Violet convinces the other riders to leave Basgiath and join a revolution. But, instead of joining the fight to protect the people, these leaders just threw them back into school again? I understand that they were just cadets but it didn’t feel impactful. The same ole thing but now they just know more. Putting them in trials I was seriously wondering why in the world we are going through this again. Like another version of the parapet with the grypons. That’s where the book started losing it for me. It is as if Rebecca is trying to keep the magic alive of the War College that she had to shove in there. I wanted something new and all I got was a repeat of the first book. 

Also, the drama from the ex was really childish. I felt like it was a waste of reading time for me.  It felt like an unnecessary part of the plot. Also who frickin cares? Cat of all people shouldn’t care so much. They are in a war and that’s what you are hung up on? “YOU TOOK THE CROWN FROM ME!” I thought these so called weapons were tougher than that petty crap.

I really wished Rebecca took the time to flesh out why they had to get the luminary, why this guy they got the luminary was so important, and why there was a crown, to begin with when it was said it was banned several hundred years ago.

How is the verin made for crying out loud? How did Xaden fall into that trap to be turned into one? It wasn’t really explained. I am seriously worried that the third book is all going to be about this doozy and Violet just completely focusing on that mess.

Ok, ok, ok….maybe I have more things to say that I didn’t like. Will I be reading the next book in the series? Yes, I will. Because from what I see, Rebecca is going to take a little time to publish the next book.

I do honestly feel she has some tricks up her sleeves that are going to make this series continue to be interesting and become a better writer.

Honestly, as well, I am going down the BookTok hole of looking up Iron Flame theories.