50 TBR Jar Prompts for Fantasy Readers

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This is a challenge for some audacious fantasy readers! 50 TBR prompts for fantasy book readers.

Whether it is backlist, physical TBR, or want variety in your fantasy book reading. This is the challenge for you!

Booktrovert Reader is a fantasy book lover and would love to invite you on this 2024 fantasy reading adventure. 

Two Options to Do this Challenge:
1. Choose any prompt that sounds good and pick a book.
2. Go to your favorite browser search, ask it to choose a random number between 1-50, and let fate choose a prompt and your next book.

Good Luck! I can’t wait to see what people read for 2024! Make sure to reach out to me on social media to let me know how you are doing

This challenge is also available on StoryGraph if you would love to participate in that way as well.

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50 TBR Prompts for Fantasy Readers

  1. A fantasy book recommended by a friend or family member.
  2. A book featuring elemental magic.
  3. The first book in a fantasy series you’ve never read before.
  4. A fantasy book with a strong female protagonist.
  5. A fantasy book that has been adapted into a movie or TV series.
  6. A fantasy book with dragons.
  7. A book with a magical school or academy.
  8. A fantasy book published in the last year.
  9. A fantasy book with a heist or caper.
  10. A book featuring diverse mythological creatures.
  11. A fantasy book with a chosen one trope.
  12. The highest-rated fantasy book on your TBR list.
  13. A fantasy book set in a non-Western-inspired world.
  14. A fantasy book with political intrigue.
  15. A fantasy book with multiple points of view.
  16. A book with a magical quest or journey.
  17. A fantasy book with a unique magic system.
  18. A standalone fantasy novel.
  19. A book recommended by a favorite fantasy author.
  20. A book featuring witches or wizards.
  21. A book with a morally grey protagonist or antagonist.
  22. A fantasy book with a strong emphasis on world-building.
  23. The fantasy book with the most beautiful cover on your TBR list.
  24. A book with elemental or nature-based magic.
  25. A fantasy book with a chosen prophecy.
  26. A book set in a magical forest or woodland.
  27. A fantasy book inspired by folklore or mythology.
  28. A book with a magical object as a central plot point.
  29. A fantasy book featuring time travel or alternate realities.
  30. The fantasy book you’ve owned the longest and haven’t read yet.
  31. A book with a magical creature as the main character.
  32. A book with elemental-themed titles (e.g., Fire, Wind, Water, Earth).
  33. A fantasy book with an unconventional protagonist (e.g., non-human, anti-hero).
  34. A fantasy book written by an author of color.
  35. A book with elemental-based kingdoms or factions.
  36. A book with magical abilities tied to music or art.
  37. A book with a portal fantasy element.
  38. A book with a strong emphasis on prophecy or destiny.
  39. A book featuring necromancy or dark magic.
  40. A fantasy book set in a desert or arid landscape.
  41. A book featuring elemental manipulation in combat or warfare.
  42. A fantasy book with a strong focus on friendship or found family.
  43. A book featuring mythical or legendary creatures from non-European folklore.
  44. A book where magic and technology coexist.
  45. A fantasy book with a non-traditional magic system (e.g., blood magic, dreams).
  46. A book with elemental-themed cover art.
  47. A fantasy book that explores the consequences of using magic.
  48. A book featuring elemental-based seasons or weather manipulation.
  49. A book with elemental magic connected to celestial bodies (stars, moons).
  50. The next fantasy book recommended in a Goodreads group or online forum.
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