A Curse for True Love: My Honest Book Review

A Curse for True Love by Stephanie Garber book cover
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Author: Stephanie Garber

Once Upon a Broken Heart #3


‘A Curse for True Love’ was a book in the Once Upon a Broken Heart series that I was extremely anticipating. Normally I don’t care about book releases, but this time, I preordered, read the whole Caraval series and I waited for my copy to come in. Unfortunately, I am sadly disappointed by this ending of EvaJacks.

I think my first mistake was that my expectations were way too high. When I finished The Ballad Never After, I was on such a high from that book. The angst was amazing and we got a lot of book time with Jacks. 

This one just didn’t have the same magic as the second and first one did. Half of the time Evangeline didn’t even know Jacks so there wasn’t any delicious tension.

I second-guessed my review when a big booktuber that I LOVE said that A Curse for True Love was the best book out of three. But alas, since reading is subjective, I will disagree with her on this one.

After observing some other reviews, if you are going in for Jacks, the chances of disappointment are higher.

Some Points that Disappointed Me:

There was a lot of Apollo’s POV, which was interesting but it was not what I was going into the book for. He comes across very obsessively, which we learn later on that it was the lingering effects from the Archer & the Fox curse. But did I need a special POV for it? No.

It seemed like Jacks didn’t really fight for Evangeline. He quickly gave up and there is no real reason why he didn’t want to be with her. He did everything he could to keep himself from her, for what reason? I didn’t catch on to what it was.

The ending was wrapped up way too quickly. The whole point of the storyline of Jacks not being able to kiss anyone but his true love. But it was explained in XYZ fashion and then we were moving on! No climax to the answer. Just a simple by the way information and the story just continued.

I was really annoyed about the terrible love-triangle. It was always going to be Jacks. I won’t fall for this possible love for Apollo crap.

Things I Love

“I forgot to breathe.” did have me rolling

I love how there are hints of another story brewing in this world. Lala and Choas maybe? Will FATES collide?

Regardless of how I felt about this book and my unresonable expectations not being met. I loved Stephanie Garber’s writing style and was flying through the pages. This won’t deter me from reading her other books because I am really invested in this world.