10 Signs You Are a Mood Reader

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Have you ever thought to yourself if you are a mood reader? I have. 

The more I read in the book community and on Boosktagram. I have noticed that mood reader tendencies have risen and I am noticing it more and more as I read. Some good ole book humor for you today.

But how can you tell if you are a mood reader? Being a mood reader often comes with distinct characteristics and behaviors. Here are 10 signs that you are a mood reader.

☕️Reading mood swings: it changes dramatically throughout the day

I find myself constantly going back and forth between wanting to read and not feeling like reading. Wanting to read hours on end or for a few short minutes. I cannot predict it nor can I negate the mood.

☕️I build a TBR, then completely ignore it

Agh, the tell tale sign is this. Building a TBR and then ignoring it completely. We have all done it. You spend the beginning of the month creating a perfect TBR. Then WHAM! A new book is released that you have to read right away. Or you saw something on Bookstagram that sounds way more interesting than the books that sounded way more interesting last month. I all but gave up on having a TBR.

☕️I am excited to start a book then I abandon it if I am not in the mood for it

Ever felt like reading a book, started it, then half way through, you just are not in the mood for it anymore? Something else catches your eye or you are in a different trope. Yeah, we have all been there. Maybe you will finish that book a year from now.

☕️I tend to jump around in genres or tropes a lot

I find that there is not a single trope or genre I tend to stick to. One month it might be a billionaire romance trope then the next I am feeling the chosen one trope. One season it might fantasy romances on Kindle Unlimited. You never know until suddenly, you just jump to the next thing.

☕️My books are influenced by the season I am in

When fall comes, give me fall inspired books. When Christmas comes, you bet I am picking up some holiday romances. You get the picture. Until I read so much of it that I get bored and don’t want to pick up another book in that season again. Refer to the previous sign.

☕️Reading slumps: when I force myself to read a book that I am not in the mood for

This one is a hard one. ARCS is a classic example. We all want them, but force ourselves to read it when we are not in the mood for it. It is easy for me to burn myself out if I do that multiple times. I have to pace myself.

☕️ Impulse reader: no rhyme or reason why I would choose a certain book

I jump around a lot. It can be one trope to the next and another in genre. So no explanation. I just read what I read.

☕️Overwhelmed at bookstores because there is so much to choose from

Especially at used book stores where there is no organization to it. There is so much to look at and you worry that you will miss something. That is why I stick to online book stores to help me with the madness.

☕️Unpredictable ratings: ratings can be very dependent on the mood

I almost feel bad about this. Because the book could be good, but because you weren’t in the mood for it, you gave it a lesser rating. My best example is Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros. Loved her book, but because I was burnt out in the romance department, I gave it four stars.

☕️Re-Reading comfort reads

I personally don’t do rereads because I got so many books I want to read. But I have found that Throne of Glass is certainly my comfort reads for sure.

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