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Author: Sarah J. Maas

Crescent City #3



House Flame and Shadow, the Sarah J Maas book that everyone has been waiting for. After reading House of Sky and Breath, I was super pumped about reading the third book. Especially with the potential crossover and where it left off with Ruhn, Hunt and Baxion.

But in the end it was….anticlimactic. Everyone, this book let me down so hard that I was walking away from this book wishing I never bought it. That’s a lot coming from me.

I first rated this book 4 stars because in ways I did enjoy it. But as I sat there and thought about it, this book got downgraded to a 3 star. 

With that said, I am going straight into spoilers for this review. Time to be petty.

Maasverse Theories after House of Earth and Blood and House of Sky and Breath

What I did like:

As cruel as it sounds, I enjoyed the time in the dungeons. Even though they were in a sucky situation, I felt they really made the best of it and didn’t break. Showed how strong they were.

I did like Ithan’s POV up to a certain point. I thought it provided an interesting storyline. Until it got to a point of Ithan killing Sagrid and he had this hero mission to right his wrong. I get it that you killed her. But did you stop to question why Sagrid was in the fighting ring? The Viper Queen

Only a small handful of things I didn’t like:

First off, I was hoping for more when it came to Bryce’s time on Pyrthian. A little more with the ACOTAR characters would have been preferred. But all we got was Bryce’s time in a cave and a worm. During Bryce’s time in the cave, we get a lot of Azariel and Nesta time which I was okay with. ACOTAR is my jam. But then it involved this info dump on how Crescent City came to be and how the Asteri came into power. With a parasite apparently. With all the technology that this city had, no one didn’t get a hint of this parasite that is apparently leeching off the powers of people of an entire city?!?! Just me? Okay, moving on.

So, I felt that we lost Bryce as a character in this. I can honestly say, and many peoples reviews say this, that they didn’t like her. She was rude, not empathetic to Hunt, had a stupid snarky comment to everything, and there was a personality shift that started reflecting Aelin from Throne of Glass. Granted, I love the Throne of Glass. But with the personality change, it didn’t feel authentic and it came across as Aelin wanna be. 

Ithan POV was enjoyable up to a certain point. I really enjoyed seeing the wolf shifter storyline and the shift in power in this book. But unfortunately, as the story progressed, he regressed. Watching him make one stupid decision in the name of honor or guilt of killing Sagrid was annoying and not honorable. Did anyone stop to question why Sagrid was in the fighting rink in the first place? The Viper Queen doesn’t get people in there without  that person probably wanting something in return. With Sagrid turning into a reaper, Ithan eventually realized that she is not as good as he made her out to be.

Ruhn and Lidia’s love story was super rushed? They had some beef with each other and without really talking it out, they magically became mates and ended up together. Didn’t seem authentic.

I was super disappointed that Bryce and Hunt had a happy ending. There I said it. I was hoping for more tension or conflict concerning their relationship. But all we got was Bryce being a butthole in disregarding Hunt and his journey. Hunt blindlessly following Bryce because they are MATES. It felt like they were together only because they are mates. I wasn’t convinced of their relationship and didn’t care for it.

The ending. Was awful. Granted, I am glad that the Asteri Crescent City is defeated. But when Bryce had a moment where she could have been dead, I didn’t get torn up. Because with A Court of Wings and Ruin, we saw this before. Everyone made it one way or another and no one died in this EPIC battle that took place. The ending was rushed and anticlimactic.

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