A Fate Inked in Blood: My Honest Book Review

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A Fate Inked in Blood: My Honest Book Review

Author: Danielle L. Jensen

Saga of the Unfated #1


Time and time again, Danielle L. Jensen delivers amazing fantasy romances that take your breath away. A Fate Inked in Blood is no different.


First off, I fell in love with Danielle Jensen’s writing style when I read The Bridge Kingdom. Then I started going down this hole of needing to read everything that she has ever written. In case you are wondering, Stolen Songbird was AMAZING.

She has an amazing way of driving a plot throughout the story that gets you at the edge of the seat. Official auto-buy author for me now.

My favorite is always how complex the FMC is and the love interest of the story. They are complicated and they develop very well throughout the story. The slow burn is horrendous in a good way. It wasn’t rushed and it got to it eventually. All that said, this is an amazing fantasy romance.

What I like about this particular story is that it is about Vikings and I feel like this book captures their life and even their religion very well. The battle sequences were realistic and brutal. For a happy reader that does not like to read anything gruesome….this was really done well and I am actually thinking about reading other subgenres such as military fantasy just to see if I like it or not.

I got really frustrated at the turn of events that happened in the story. Freya really drove me up the wall with her actions. Part of me wants to understand because of the driving force of the events. But ugh, I hope to see some character development in the second book.

The ending was tragic and amazing at the same time. So I am also equally mad that I will have to wait for book 2 now!


Thank you Danielle L. Jensen, NetGalley, and Del Ray books for a gifted copy.

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