House of Sky and Breath: Honest Book Review

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Author: Sarah J. Maas

Crescent City #2


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I liked this one more than the first book House of Earth and Blood. I know I know….there are so many raging opinions out there about which is the best. But out of all the Crescent City books,  House of Sky and Breath is the one I stand on.

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First, let me say that this book was thick. It feels like I just finished a marathon to get to the end of this mammoth. But, unlike the first one, I didn’t trudge through it. It was the first time that I didn’t trudge through a Sarah J. Maas book like I normally do.

The multiple POVs made this interesting and fast-paced. It kept the story going from different characters’ points of view as they fit the plot into unique puzzle pieces. To me, it was a nice change of pace not to be reading from Bryce’s POV the majority of the time.

This is starting like an X-Men movie. I was checking the cover to make sure I was reading the correct book. But alas, I was and it threw me off as to why we were starting this way.

The only thing that didn’t make this a 5-star read, this more of a personal preference, is all the smut that was in this. It was unnecessary and it seems that as more books come out from SJM, the books are getting more smuttier. I guess, I am there for the fantasy and the romance aspect of it but the smut….not here for that too much.

The last 50 pages… were slightly confusing for a hot second there. The action sections and what was happening started to blur for me. But I pressed forward and finally understood what was happening.

All in all, great setup for book 3 House of Flame and Shadow, and the anticipation for it went to 250%.

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Spoiler Warning for House of Sky and Breath

“All right,” Hunt said, laughing softly. “Let’s just say that I’m like some magic token in a video game and when you….use me, you level up.” 😂😅🫶

Ok, so a lot happened in this book. As I stated earlier, I loved this one more than the first one.

The fact that we got multiple POVs in this book made the pacing of this 801-page book a lot smoother something I enjoyed a lot more.

We get Hunt, Tharion, and Ruhn POVs which I thought were exceptional.

I will say, that I wish we had more female POV, just saying.

Now, I will ask this. How many more secrets does Danika have that she kept from her supposed best friend Bryce?

  1. Danika was a bloodhound
  2. Danika was involved somewhat with the rebels
  3. Danika was looking into ancestral shape shifters
  4. Danika had a mate

How much more is there Danika?!?! A love child, you won the lottery, a car that transports you through time and space? I mean seriously. With any more secrets with Crescent City 3 , I think you might be put on the crap list from Bryce.

The smut was too much for me. But it was a final moment that was satisfying in its way when Bryce and Hunt finally got together. It was cool that they discovered that Hunt lighting is a way to power Bryce’s star magic.

I got upset that Cormac sacrificed himself at the end there. I think it was so cool that ¼ into the book, he was like “I am here for my bride.” Then eventually turning into that he was involved with the rebels. I really wanted to root for him and hopefully had a happy ending. But alas, he didn’t make it.

The ending was WILD. The obvious one is that Bryce got transported into Pyrthian. Meeting all the characters from ACOTAR and with subtle hints that some people in her world look like them. Ex Fury and Ruhn

And of course, Ruhn and Hunt finally get caught at the end while Bryce makes the jump. Instead of killing him, I think his bond gets taken away from him. 

With this book, I am more excited for CC3 House of Flame and Shadow coming around. I am hoping that there are going to be answered questions and Bryce interacting with ACOTAR characters.

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