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Author: Penn Cole

Kindred Curse #1


Review WITHOUT Spoilers

Spark of the Everflame” by Penn Cole, literally pulled me out of a book slump and on into another one. It was that good. Everything that other readers were saying about this book is 100% accurate. 

This book reminded me of my first love, Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. So if you like that series, you will certainly love the vibes of this one.

Spark of the Everflame is a spellbinding journey into a world where ancient secrets and powerful destinies collide. From the moment I delved into the pages of this captivating fantasy romance, I was enraptured by its intricate plot, rich world-building, and compelling characters.

The story follows Diem Bellator, a young woman yearning for answers about her missing mother and as she was searching, she was discovering some truths about herself. As old secrets unravel and newfound powers emerge, Diem finds herself thrust into a world of Descended royalty, political intrigue, and forbidden love. Diem’s journey is not just about unraveling the mysteries of her past but also finding her place in a world torn apart by war and ambition.

Penn Cole’s writing is nothing short of enchanting, weaving a tapestry of magic, and complex relationships that kept me turning pages late into the night. The slow burn romance between Diem and the heir to the throne adds a layer of tension and longing that will resonate with fans of epic fantasy and enemies-to-lovers tropes.

If you’re a fan of immersive fantasy worlds, strong heroines, and epic romance, “Spark of the Everflame” is a must-read that will leave you eagerly anticipating the next installment in this captivating saga. Penn Cole has crafted a gem of a novel that sparks the imagination and kindles the flames of excitement for what’s to come. Highly recommended for lovers of magic, dragons, and epic adventures!


This all started when Diem’s mother went missing. Diem is forced to start asking questions and trying to understand what happened to her mom. 


I found it interesting that throughout the story Diem is uncovering truths about her mom that she never realized. Who her mom is, who her father is since he is a Descended and the possibility is out that there that he may be still alive. Why was Diem’s mother making her take a super rare powder that only the Descended royalty is the only ones that give it out. So many question, especially at the end there where Diem’s mother is with out a doubt connected to some way to the death of the king.


I know this detail is trivial but hear me out. I loved that we saw a relationship outside of the main love interest. Usually in these novels, the FMC doesn’t sleep with anyone EXCEPT the main love interest. We might see a side character that shows interest in the FMC and that is it. 

Then Diem is actually shown to be sleeping with someone else and in a relationship with her childhood best friend. Actually having a normal life and actually questioning if she wanted to be with Henri long term. Settle down from being a healer and raise babies. Conflict that you don’t normally see if fantasy romances. I gobbled it up. It was refreshing. It makes me wonder if we have a love triangle in this series and I might actually be conflicted as well with how well Penn Cole has written a character of Henri to Diem. For once, I am looking forward to this one. BRING ON THE DRAMA.


Let’s recognize that Diem’s attempt to join the Everflame rebellion was a little pitiful. This ban of rebels decided that a newbie is right for the job to infiltrate the castle and gather secrets. Instead of working as a spy for days to earn the trust of the Descendants, Diem decides to run off on her first day and gets caught very easily. Really, Diem? I am just glad that she acknowledged how she was stupid. I don’t think I can handle it if it was brushed out and it was a clear thing to move the plot forward.


Now I will say that the tension between Diem and Luther is *chefs kiss.* I was promised a slow burn and it is exactly that. Now I do wish that there was more relationship building in the plot. They sort of just have this unexplainable chemistry that sometimes for me can go downhill. But, we will see how this goes. Now closer to the end of the book, when Diem was suffering from the building fire incident, Luther hinted on something that makes me wonder if they are “mates.” per say. I hope not because I am tired of the whole mate trope, but Penn Cole has been surprising me so I will hold judgment until the very end.


Now the ending, oh my goodness. So many questions I have. Diem throughout the book, as see weens off this powder, showing her mysterious powers. Powers that her mother wanted to keep secret. Hide that Diem is part descendent. So at the end, Diem is basically exploding into flames and wearing a crown…..what is happening? I think she is the daughter of the late king. 


Can’t wait for the next book after Spark of the Everflame. It has been awhile since I have been this excited.

Still unsure about this? This series is available on Kindle Unlimited if you want to try the book before you add it to your book collection.

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