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Ever heard of Pangobooks to sell your used books? Ever wanted to try it but unsure if it is legit? That was a lot of my thoughts when I first tried it. So glad I did.

Back in 2023, when I first started wanting to declutter my TBR pile, I wasn’t sure where to take my books. Yes, I could donate the books but I wanted to see if I could earn any money back and use that money to get books I actually wanted.

 When I was taking my unwanted books to the consignment book store, I noticed I was barely get anything for the book. So turning to this platform, it helped me get more return on the book I was selling.

Let’s dive into some pros and cons on the PangoBook platforms and some tips to sell on it.

Disclaimer: I am in no way sponsored by PangoBooks and anything I say is my own opinion using the platform.

Pros of PangoBooks

  • Higher Returns: There is a higher chance of getting some of your money back rather than going to consignment.
  • User-Friendly App: The app makes buying and selling easy within the United States. You can reinvest your earnings into more books or deposit the money into your bank account.
  • Insurance and Shipping Labels: Pango Books ensures your package and creates shipping labels, simplifying the process and providing peace of mind. If there was ever a time the package is lost, the buyer will get a return on their money and the seller will still keep what they earned.
  • Community of Readers: You’re selling to fellow book lovers, which adds a personal touch to the transactions.
  • New Features: Recently, Pango Books started giving 5% back on purchases made with your Pango Books balance, adding extra value for buyers and sellers.

Cons of PangoBooks

  • Platform Fees: Fees can be substantial, especially for lower-priced books. For sales under $2, the fee is a flat 40 cents; for sales over $2, it’s 20%.
  • Price Competition: Sellers often undercut each other, driving down prices. Pango Books now offers a recommended price range to help mitigate this.
  • Shipping Costs: High shipping costs can deter buyers if you don’t offer free shipping, which then eats into your profits.
  • Sales Volume: Books can sit unsold for a long time. I’ve had books listed for over six months, but periodic sales and price adjustments can help.
  • Dishonest Buyers: Rarely, some buyers might falsely claim they didn’t receive a book. Thankfully Pangobooks does protect the seller in that case. But it can happen and you could get a bad review.

Tips for Selling on Pango Books

  1. Set Realistic Prices: Don’t be afraid to price your books slightly higher initially. Monitor and adjust prices to stay competitive.
  2. Take Quality Photos: Capture multiple angles, including any flaws. Transparency builds trust with buyers.
  3. Efficient Packaging: Use poly mailers for water resistance and repurpose old boxes to save costs. Make your packaging colorful and appealing if you can.
  4. Communicate with Buyers: Provide shipping updates and estimated delivery times. Prompt communication can enhance your reputation.
  5. Solicit Reviews: Don’t hesitate to ask for reviews. They build credibility and encourage more sales.
  6. Profile Details: Mention if your home is smoke-free or pet-free. Some buyers have specific preferences.
  7. Use Vacation Mode: When you’re away, deactivate your listings to prevent issues with delayed shipping.
  8. Check Hashtags and Weights: Ensure accurate hashtags and double-check the weight of books to avoid incorrect shipping costs.

Overall, while Pango Books has its drawbacks, the positives generally outweigh the negatives. It’s a convenient platform that provides more value for your books and connects you with a community of fellow readers.

I was able to sell many books to a better home and get myself some new books.

Well that is my thoughts, good luck with selling used books and Happy Reading!

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