Why ‘Hello Stranger’ is a must-read book of the year

Hello Stranger book cover. Blue book cover with hello stranger in white text. Women in pink dress and roller skates using paintbrush in sky. Man in blue suit jacket walking towards her
Booktrovert Reader
Booktrovert Reader
Author: Katherine Center

“Hello Strange” by Katherine Center has delivered once again a heart-gripping romance that have you turning the pages.

If you are a fan of Happy Place by Emily Henry, then you will enjoy this one.

Sadie is a portrait artist but comes across a big setback when she gets face blindness. Not sure what she is going to do since her life’s work was built on the fact she is an artist, she has to face the condition and what to do about it. 

I love the characters in this one. Each had their own personality and perspective on life. I love how you see Sadie navigate through love and family.  This is a heartwarming story that is more than the romance aspect itself. 

This is not exactly a fluffy read because the main character deals with grief, a diagnosis, financial problems, etc. So, a lot of hard subjects are tackled in this one like her last book The Bodyguard.

Even though I wasn’t exactly thrilled with this book every moment because of the topics that are discussed, it is still a good read, and would recommend this book to any romance fan.

I received an advance review copy for free from NetGalley, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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