Unveiling the Hidden Gems: Book Review of ‘All That Glitters Is Not Gold’

Book cover graphic of All That Glitters is Not gold. Teal cover with black graphic crown in the middle
Booktrovert Reader
Booktrovert Reader
Author: Linda Ling

This was a pleasantly really fantastic book to dive into.

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If you like The Cruel Prince vibes, this is certainly a book that would be great to pick up.

All That Glitters is Not Gold is a prequel to the A Sun of the Land series that sets the stage for that trilogy. You find how the villain was created and how it happened with the last Fae Queen.

In this world, set back hundreds of years ago. Humans were slaves. They were very looked down upon and they were severely mistreated. Even to the point of being sacrificed for entertainment to the Serpents. AKA dragons in this world.

When the day came for the main character Jenella to be crowned as the heir to the throne. The prophecy was told over her that she was going to bring down the fae. Basically, everything about their culture would be gone.

That started a trend of events that would eventually fulfill the prophecy.

Janella is a little hot-headed, and privileged and you see how there is some good in her despite all that. But her hot-headedness gets her into trouble, and a human bodyguard named Archer whom she loathes. Archer loathes her just as much as Janella does.

But through their time together, they get to know one another. Janella is getting a better understanding of how mistreated humans are in this world. Because of that, Janella has a desire to change that to make humans no more slaves.

I love how it really explores the forbidden romance between Archer and Janella. Forbidden romance books are something I wanted to read a little more of and this delivered. It is sweet and so enduring to see it unfold. I was rooting for them the moment that they finally got together.

Once it got down to really the prophecy started to fulfill itself, I couldn’t put it down. It was certainly keeping you on your toes and turning those pages.

The only thing I have to say about this book is two things.

  1. The development of Cerberus was super quick. We went from Point A to Point B in seconds and I wish there was more time developed in that part of the story.
  2. It is my personal recommendation to read the A Land of the Sun trilogy first. I really didn’t understand the ending because of not read the trilogy first. It would have been a better conclusion to the story if I knew what was going on.

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