The Tales of Alexandria Stecklar: The Locket

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Author: Tiara Brown

The Tales of Alexandria Stecklar: The Locket is truly a diamond in the rough. This is such a unique story that I would highly recommend finding this book online or your library to give this book a try.

The Locket by Tiara Brown gives you the fantasy genre with some dystopian vibes. There is technology used in this story, an underground bunker, and so forth. So it was fascinating to see those elements incorporated in this fantasy story.

About the Book:

Alexandria, aka Alex, has only ever known her dad, mom and her sister Hannah. Living underground, safe from the war of the Physics and Sorcerers. At least that is what she is told anyways. Apparently, it’s a dangerous world out there.

That never really stopped Alex from venturing outside to her parents dismay. In her recent outing, she got into serious trouble for escaping and once again. No answers as to why she cannot venture outside. During one of her sleepless nights, she happens to stumble upon a locket. Not just any locket, a locket that magically speaks to her. Telling her about how her parents could possibly be lying to her. Made her truly start questioning the outside world and what her parents are keeping from her.

Her one and only chance to see the outside world one last chance, she took it with the encouragement of the locket. But unfortunately met some danger of Physics hunters that certainly yanked her away from safety. Thankfully she was saved by a boy named Grey. Who is apparently a sorcerer as well.

With Grey, she goes on an adventure to protect her life and try not to get caught by the people who hate her kind. 

My Thoughts:

Alex is an interesting and can be a slightly frustrating character. Since she wasn’t exposed to other people, she made some poor decisions that got her in serious trouble several times. 

Also the ending, ugh, I have to see how it develops in the other books before I make up my mind on that one.

There are supposed to have elements of the locket. Since it is a huge component to the story for Alex to escape in the first place. But you only really see it in the first and last part of the book. So, I am curious to see the importance of this locket in future books.

There is danger, romance, and adventure in this. The Tales of Alexandria Stecklar: The Locket is certainly a quick page-turner that I cannot wait for the next installment of the series.

Thank you Tiara Brown for giving me a copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.