The Shadows Between Us: A Enemies to Lovers Story

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Booktrovert Reader
Booktrovert Reader
Author: Gwenda Bond

Book Series, #1


“The Shadows Between Us” by Tricia Levenseller is an entertaining read at its core. This book does have its flaws that I will point out but at the same time, I enjoyed this read. 

“The Shadows Between Us” was originally intended to be a standalone read. But it took BookTok and Bookstagram by storm and it eventually was revealed that Tricia Levenseller will be writing a second book to this series. But will focus on Alessandra’s older sister Chrysantha. How her story plays out, won’t be known till 2024.

I love the creativity and the pacing of the story. Not long-winded, and the story is over before you know it.

The main character Alessandra goes for what she wants and doesn’t let much stand in her way. Even though she has lofty goals to kill the king once she weds him, she is kind at heart and does what she can to not let society dictate her life.

Now, even though this was good. Let’s not forget some things in the book that I felt made me question this book.

Now, this is supposed to be an enemy to a lover’s trope read. Now, in the beginning, Alessandra did have the intention to marry the king and murder him to take his throne. But as soon as she steps foot in the castle and starts interacting with the king. That motivation is soon forgotten, and you don’t see it anymore. They are immediately friends and fall in love. So, it feels more insta romance than anything. 

The spice level is extremely low. Almost a closed-door romance. So if you are looking for plot-based book more than The Spice, this is the book for you.

Another thing is the problems in the book and how quickly it is resolved. In this book, some problems are built up and make you wonder how this will play out. But then everything bad that happens in the book is practically swept under the rug with a simple solution. There is no real depth to it, so it leaves you wanting more than a quick and easy solution.

As I said, this is an entertaining read. Even though this came across as a little shallow in the plot, it kept me entertained and flying through the pages.

This book is also available on Kindle Unlimited. So certainly, check this one out if you have the membership.

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