The Hurricane War: Author Interview with Thea Guanzon

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Welcome to another episode on Booktrovert Reader Podcast!

Hello Readers! In this episode, I had an amazing talk with Thea Guazon. An amazing South-Asian author who shares her insight about her book The Hurricane War, published by Harper Voyagers.

What We Talked About:
🌀What the Hurricane Wars is about

🌀How Southeast culture inspired her writing

🌀What inspired her magic system

🌀More about her main characters  

🌀How Thea approached world-building

🌀Advice Thea gives to aspiring authors  

Connect with Thea:
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Purchase ‘The Hurricane Wars’ by Thea Guanzon at Amazon: HERE

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Meet the Author of 'The Hurricane Wars': An Interview with Thea Guanzon

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