The Hunt: Shapeshifter Fantasy Romance

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Author: Frost Kay

The Twisted Kingdoms, #1


‘The Hunt’ is the first Frost Kay book that I have read and she did not disappoint.

Read this if you like really painful slow-burn romances.

In Goodreads, The Hunt has been compared to The Cruel Prince and Six of Crows.

Wow, I love how I would pick up a random book, thinking that it would be another Kindle Unlimited okay read. It then blows me out of the water and I devour the book like a starved animal. I could not put this book down. ‘The Hunt’ The Twisted Kingdoms series is a great start to a new series for me.

What really hooked me on this series is the fact that there are shifters who are the rebels and The Hunters who are the king’s assassins. Where they are predominately marked with blue hair. Our main character has periwinkle blue.

Tempest is considered the first woman Hunter, she had to fight for it through an intense trial that is created for her to fail. But alas, our lady overcame it and became a Hunter. Not without cost. She attracted the awful attention of the evil king who had wicked plans for her. More ways than one, unfortunately.

To divert his attention, Tempest negotiated her first mission to hunt down The Jester. The shifter has been killing whole villages with the disease.

But through an unfortunate situation, Tempest gets caught by the shifter’s rebellion group. Thinking she will be dead on the spot. It is not all that it appears and always told it would be.

Tempest must now figure out where the truth and her loyalties lie.

I really love the concept of animal shifters. They come in all sorts of animals and they are looked down on because of their magic. I really like the FMC. She is fierce and intelligent and takes no crap.

The only thing I totally did not love is the lag in the story. It seems in the middle the story just lagged a little bit. There was much dialogue in that section that felt that could have been slightly shorter.

This is a painful slow-burn romance and I love the chemistry between the characters. I really enjoyed this and I cannot wait to continue the series.