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Author: Holly Black

The Folk of the Air, #1


I do go chapter by chapter of The Cruel Prince by Holly Black on my podcast The Booktrovert Reader Podcast!

I have a confession, I DNF’d this book years ago. I did not like it and I closed the book half way through.

Now that I have been on Bookstagram and seen this book all the time now. I had to give this another try.

I am so glad I did. This is the best thing I have read in a while. I believe that my taste has changed and I could fully enjoy this book.

“The Cruel Prince” by Holly Black tells the story of a mortal girl named Jude who, after witnessing the murder of her parents, is taken to the land of Faerie and raised as a member of the royal court.

Jude’s life in Faerie is one of constant danger and intrigue. As a mortal, she is looked down upon and despised by the faeries, who see her as inferior. However, Jude is determined to prove herself and make a place for herself in this world. She becomes embroiled in a deadly power struggle between the various faerie courts, each vying for control of the throne.

Jude’s main antagonist is Prince Cardan, the cruel and sadistic youngest son of the High King. Cardan and his friends constantly torment and bully Jude, making her life a living hell. However, Jude refuses to be intimidated and fights back, using her wit and cunning to outmaneuver her enemies.

As the power struggle between the courts intensifies, Jude finds herself drawn into a dangerous game of politics and deception. She must navigate a web of lies and betrayals in order to protect herself and those she loves, all while trying to uncover a dark conspiracy that threatens the entire faerie world.

This whole book is full of complex characters, twists, turns, and my importantly royal court backstabbing.

What makes this also a super fun and adventurous book is the easter eggs. If you take your time and really delve into the book as I did on the Podcast with The Cruel Prince. You would find that the author really gave easter eggs throughout the book that reveals themselves throughout the whole plot.

The ending was so dramatic that I cannot wait to continue the series.

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