Struggles of Writing Book Reviews

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The struggles of writing book reviews are real readers. For 2023, I have been pushing myself to read 200 books. That means, I need to write 200 book reviews.

Yikes, what am I doing to myself? That’s a lot of fantasy book reviews now that I think about it. Oh well. Pressing on.

With writing so many reviews now, I have come across some struggles with book reviews.

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Balancing Subjectivity and Objectivity

Striking the right balance between personal opinions and objective analysis can be challenging. Reviewers need to provide an honest assessment of the book while considering that different readers may have varying tastes.

Avoiding Spoilers

Reviewers must provide enough information to pique readers’ interest without giving away critical plot points or surprises. Finding the right level of detail without spoiling the reading experience can be tricky.

Managing Expectations

Sometimes, a reviewer’s expectations for a book can affect their judgment. If a highly anticipated book doesn’t meet those expectations, it can be challenging to write an unbiased review.

Time Constraints

Reviewers often have deadlines to meet, and reading and analyzing a book thoroughly within a limited time frame can be stressful, especially for books that require deeper consideration.

Negative Reviews

It can be difficult to write a negative review, especially if the reviewer has a personal relationship with the author or publisher. Balancing constructive criticism with respect for the author’s effort is important.

Finding Unique Angles

With so many book reviews available online, standing out can be a challenge. Reviewers often struggle to find unique perspectives or angles to make their reviews more engaging and informative.

Review Length

Striking the right length for a review can be difficult. Some readers prefer concise reviews, while others appreciate more in-depth analyses. Reviewers need to cater to their target audience.

Articulating Thoughts Clearly

Expressing complex thoughts and emotions evoked by a book in a coherent and engaging manner can be a struggle. Reviewers need to find the right words to convey their feelings and analysis effectively.

Avoiding Biases

Unconscious biases can sometimes influence a reviewer’s opinion of a book. Staying aware of these biases and striving for objectivity is a constant challenge.

Reader Reactions

Reviews can generate strong reactions from both authors and readers. Handling criticism, negative comments, or even praise gracefully can be emotionally taxing.

Coping with Reviewer's Block

Just like writer’s block, reviewer’s block can occur. It’s when a reviewer finds it difficult to put their thoughts into words or has trouble getting started on a review.

Maintaining Consistency

If a reviewer writes for multiple platforms or publications, maintaining a consistent reviewing style and quality across different outlets can be demanding.


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