Spice Free Fantasy Romance with C.F.E Black: ‘Blade of Ash’

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“Uncover the enchanting world of indie author C.F.E Black as we journey into the magical realm of ‘Blade of Ash’ and explore her unique perspective on spice-free romance. 

In this captivating book podcast episode, she shares the inspirations behind her spellbinding magic system and provides a sneak peek into her new standalone novel, ‘The Starlit Prince.’ 

Discover her innovative approach to marketing herself and her books on social media and delve deeper into the intricacies of her beloved characters. 

Don’t miss this exclusive conversation, where fantasy, romance, and storytelling blend into an unforgettable experience.

Website: www.cfeblack.com
Instagram: @author_cfeblack

Book Available to Purchase on Amazon or Kindle Unlimited:
Purchase ‘Blade of Ash
Purchase ‘Starlit Prince

Booktrovert Reader Book Review: Blade of Ash by C.F.E Black

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Meet the Author of 'Blade of Ash': An Interview with C.F.E Black

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