Set On You

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Booktrovert Reader
Author: Amy Lea
The Influence, #1

” Set on You” is Amy Lea’s debut novel and she certainly hit a home run on this one. She also wrote the sequel to this series which you can read Exes and O’s book review.

Social media influencer slow burn romance? Yes, please!

This is the first book of The Influencer romance series by Amy Lea. This is one book I couldn’t put down.

I have put this book off for so long that it now feels ridiculous. It didn’t sound interesting to me when the book was first published. Then came an opportunity for a buddy read on Bookstagram for the second book of this series and of course, I had to read the first book first.

Oh, my goodness, “Set On You,” was fantastic! I have a thing for firemen now. 

This book had me smiling, laughing and just enjoying the slow-burn romance. This wasn’t a quick, jump-in-bed one that I have been typically picking up lately. This was truly built from gym rivalry to friendship, eventually romance.

The banter between our two characters Crystel and Scotty was fantastic. I just love how they talked and interacted with one another. Slowly learned to understand one another.

This book also deals with insecurity and the negativity of social media can have on someone. You see Crystal learn to overcome those battles and learn to truly love herself.

I would really recommend this book to people who want a romance that blossoms throughout the book and leads to the spice.

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