Sarah A Parker Fantasy Journey with ‘When the Moon Hatched’

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Welcome to another episode on Booktrovert Reader Podcast!

Sarah A Parker, author of ‘When the Moon Hatched’, discusses her journey as a full-time writer and the inspiration behind her fantasy novel. In this conversation, Sarah A Parker discusses her book ‘When the Moon Hatched’ and shares insights into her writing process and inspirations. She talks about the influence of her grandmother on her characters and the unique magic system in the book. Sarah also discusses the development of her main character and the challenges she faced in writing the fantasy genre. She offers advice for aspiring authors and shares her plans for the future of the series.


  • The importance of having support as a writer and how it can enable you to pursue your passion
  • The decision to include an index at the front of the book and the benefits it provides for readers
  • The influence of childhood experiences and family members on a writer’s love for a particular genre
  • The journey from indie publishing to being picked up by a traditional publisher and the opportunities it brings The influence of personal experiences and loved ones can inspire and shape characters in a story.
  • Creating a unique and visually appealing magic system can enhance the reader’s experience.
  • Developing complex and multi-dimensional characters, like Rave, can make a story more engaging.
  • Taking time to nourish oneself and set boundaries is important to prevent burnout and maintain creativity.
  • Investing time in the writing process, listening to feedback, and not rushing to publish can lead to a better end result.

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Meet the Author of 'When the Moon Hatched': An Interview with Sarah A Parker

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