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Hey fellow readers, it’s me, your friendly Booktrovert Reader. Let me spill the beans on Romantazine, the dreamy magazine for us romantasy lovers. Alex and Sara, founders of Romantazine share their amazing magazine with us readers in this amazing interview!

In this conversation, Alex and Sarah, the creators of Romantazine, a romantasy bookish magazine, discuss the origins and content of their publication. They talk about the features and themes they include, such as author interviews, book recommendations, and interactive elements like playlists and recipes.
They emphasize the importance of community involvement and showcasing voices from both the signed and indie author communities.
They also discuss the challenges of creating both digital and physical copies of the magazine. Finally, they share their hopes for the romantic fantasy genre, including a desire for more authenticity, slow burn romance, and adventurous plots.
In this conversation, Alex and Sarah discuss about the editing process and the importance of balance in romance novels. They discuss the need for honesty in book reviews and the challenges of selecting books for their magazine.
They share their favorite moments with Romantizine and provide information on how to order the magazine.


  • Romantazine is a romantic bookish magazine that combines romance and fantasy.
  • The magazine features author interviews, book recommendations, playlists, recipes, and interactive elements.
  • Community involvement and showcasing voices from both the signed and indie author communities are important to Romantazine.
  • The creators hope to see more authenticity, slow burn romance, and adventurous plots in the romantic fantasy genre.
Where to purchase Romantizine:


00:00Introduction to Romantazine
01:24The Origins of Romantazine
03:23Creating Content for Romantazine
04:57Features and Themes of Romantazine
07:44Involving the Bookish Community
09:06Digital and Physical Copies of Romantazine
10:44Podcasts and Other Content in Romantazine
13:50Lessons Learned from the First Edition
16:54The Process of Creating a Magazine
21:27Trends and Hopes for Romanticie
28:07Desired Changes in Romanticie
31:26Theories about The Court of Silver Flames
32:00The Trend of Romantic Fantasy
32:19The Editing Process
33:18Perspective Change in Silver Flames
34:19The Balance of Spice in Romance Novels
35:28The Importance of Balance in Romance
36:16Honesty in Book Reviews
37:44Selecting Books for the Magazine
39:12Disagreements on Book Selection
43:27Interviewing Authors for the Magazine
46:40Favorite Moments with Romanticizing
50:41Ordering the Magazine

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