Review of “In the Likely Event”: Is It Worth the Hype?

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Author: Rebecca Yarros

If you read Fourth Wing or at least heard of it, then you know about Rebecca Yarros. Even though that book took the internet by storm, Rebecca Yarros is actually a romance author as well. So with ‘In the Likely Event’ recently being published, I had to get my hands on it. 

‘In the Likely Event’ is a dual timeline romance that is set in the world of politics and military during the time of the nations falling in Afghanistan. Nate and Izzy met when their plane suddenly malfunctioned and crashed into the river. They literally bonded during that traumatic event and unfortunately lost touch with each other for some time. Through one bad timing after another over the span of 10 years, our unlikely couple finally met up in the most likely event of Afghanistan. With some bad feelings in tow.

This was one of the best dual timeline books I have read in a while. It wasn’t too cringy and it was nice to read something that didn’t want me to throw the book against the wall. The past events, the author didn’t spend copious amounts in so it was nice to have to be in the past part of the timeline. 

The chemistry between Izzy and Nate was amazing and loved every second of it.

Even though I liked it a lot, some elements of her writing style irked me. 

“Whuh. He was….hot. Like, pull-the-fire-alarm, jaw-dropping levels of hotness.”

It was giving-me-Fourth-Wing-Flash-Backs that I didn’t care for. And the THIS.IS.NOT.GOOD stuff that was annoying as well. More of a personal opinion but here it is.

The only thing I wish there was more of was the danger during the current timeline. There was a lot of talk of danger, but not really any danger happened. So the adventurous side of me wanted more of it. 

Also, the ending was just rushed and ended too quickly. As I mentioned before, I wanted more and felt like Nate’s and Izzy’s stories ended too quickly.

I may read this again because again, this wasn’t half bad. It certainly did give me a craving for high-stakes military romances.