People We Meet On Vacation: Book Review

Orange book cover graphic. People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry
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Author: Emily Henry


If you could go on yearly vacations with your best friend, would you?

“People We Meet On Vacation” by Emily Henry, is a dual timeline of two best friends who go on a yearly vacation. A best friend-to-lovers romance that has you thinking about what you truly want in life. Does getting everything you longed for really make you happy in the end?

In the current timeline, you have Poppy who is in a job where she gets to travel around the globe for work. But after years of doing what she has dreamed of, she is starting to fill empty.

With a stroke of inspiration, she decided to go on another vacation like the good old days. With Alex, whom she hasn’t spoken to in two years since their last vacation together. He agrees to go on this trip with her.

Trying to recreate the good ole days, Poppy fails miserably. Through crappy Air BNB and activities. Though there were a lot of crappy circumstances, they start to reconnect again. Realizing what they miss and embracing a relationship is more than friendship.

With a dual timeline, you see Poppy and Alex on how they first met and their wild vacations with one another and seeing them navigate outside relationships that threaten their friendship with one another.

I loved how you see the characters deal with the past that they are running from. Embracing what scares you the most.

I loved this book, but the ending was slightly disappointing to me. The real reason they stopped talking was kind of a lame excuse to me and how they decided to be together was an okay conclusion to the story. This isn’t my favorite Emily Henry book, but it was still good.

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