Not Your Ex’s Hexes

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Thank you NetGalley and St. Martin Press for an advance copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

Author: April Asher

Oh gosh, this was a fun fantasy rom com romance.


In this next installment of the Supernatural Singles, we follow Rose Maxwell the witch who crosses paths with Damian who is half demon. 


Rose is kind of stuck. She is no longer prima apparent now that her eldest sister gained her powers. She has been training for that role all her life, now no longer in the position. She doesn’t know what she is good at.


In an attempt to save some horses, Rose landed herself with community service with a half-demon named Damien at his veterinarian rescue. They can’t stand the sight of one another. Bickering but having a strong attraction for one another.


But Damian has a past that he has been running from since a bitter ex-girlfriend put a soul hex on him. As soon as he falls in love, he loses his soul. So, he does everything to one night stands to keep his inner demon at bay and prevent himself from falling in love.


Until Rose comes in, offering no attachment contracts when they sleep with each other. *rolls eyes* Yeah, like that ever works.


During that time, Rose is still trying to find what she is good at. Driving people around, being a bartender and eventually…demon hunting. Where she puts herself in danger is Damian, who gets him all protective of her and decides to train her.


With her being constantly thrown into danger, Damian and Rose slowly realize that they have deeper feelings for each other. Which scares the crap out of Damian.


I only have one bad thing to say about this. With this whole book premise with Damian having a soul hex, it is why he didn’t want a real relationship with Rose. But in the end, when the soul hex was dealt with. It was rushed and how it was dealt with didn’t make sense to how they were describing how bad it was. So, it was slightly disappointing in my opinion.


Other than that, I felt that this was a really awesome fantasy rom com. This was cute, spicy and a fun read.

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