Not Meeting My Expectation: The High Mountain Court Book Review

The High Mountain Court Book graphic. Book is deep red with mountain top lining at the top.
Booktrovert Reader
Booktrovert Reader
Author: A.K Mulford

The Five Crows of Okrith, #1


I can honestly and regrettably say, “The High Mountain Court” by A.K. Mulfored was a slight disappointment to me. This was a really anticipated fantasy book that I had to read and I recommended this book to reading together in a Facebook group. After taking a month to read and discuss, it seems many of us have the same opinion of this book. It had potential, but it fell flat.

In theory, I really enjoyed the story concept. There are different types of colored witches that can do different types of magic. All of them were hunted down and killed or treated as slaves. The most sought-after was the red witch magic due to its ability to move objects on its own. When you start reading the book, the main character Remy, who is on the run with two other brown witches, finally gets captured by a dashing fae prince named Hale and his companions. There, she was forced to join up with the prince to find relics. They go on a perilous journey to find these relics and outwit their opponents. All the while Remy and Hale get to know one another and fall for each other.

That said,

A lot of my grievances are based on how the plot and the characters were written. Without giving any spoilers, I will outline some of the things I didn’t like.

But I quickly found that there were plot holes and characters being written off so callously that I seriously thought that the main character had no heart. This also isn’t the case because a lot of decisions she made were based on those people she supposedly cared about.

There was a butt load of traveling in this book. They were either going somewhere or they were in an inn. nothing much in terms of the plot was happening in this. I found myself starting to skim because it was boring in many parts of the book.

There is a strong case of instant love in this one. Where there was supposed to be a strong enemies-to-lovers concept in this but this was instant love at its finest and saw what happening miles away. In not a good way. There was also a one-bed trope, touch her or die…so on and so forth that the romance wasn’t swoon-worthy for me.

Now, this is what irked me the most. Now, I don’t like comparing any book I read to Sarah J. Maas books. But, when reading this book, it felt like one after another situations reminded me of scenes straight out of Throne of Glass and Court of Mist and Fury. I understand, not everything has to be original, but when it felt like I was reading those books but with the author’s creative twist a few throughout the book. Just pulled me out of the story and just didn’t enjoy it as I would have hoped.

As I mentioned before, this was a slight letdown because of how excited I was for this book and that it didn’t live up to the hype I created in my head.

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