My Favorite Christmas Book for 2023: Faking Christmas

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Author: Cindy Steel

Part of Christmas Escape Books


This officially became my favorite Christmas book of all time. 🎄🎄

This was truly a fake dating book. Not an obvious attraction type book and they quickly get together and the fake dating only lasts for a few chapters. Not this one.

They fake-date the whole time. *chefs kiss*

It was really funny to see how Olive ended up fake-dating her so-called nemesis. To avoid being hooked up with her ex-boyfriend whom her mom is trying to set her up with on a Christmas vacation. So she made up that she started dating her nemesis, Miles. Hoping that was sufficient for Olive to get the anti-Christmas of her dreams. What she didn’t anticipate was that the place where they were vacationing, Miles just so happened to be there as well. To keep up with the ruse, Olive struck a deal with Miles that they would do the Christmas Bingo card and keep Miles’s parents off his back as well.

Miles and Olivia’s banter with each other is hilarious. They seem to know how to get under each other’s skin but at the same time be playful about it.

This was so cute and funny that it had me rolling in so many moments in this book.


Chiseled muscles are for opening pickle jars and lifting couches. *writes down wisdom* I am learning so much from this book. 😅🤣😂

Nicknames such as celery sticks, carrots, and spanks. 😃

I will warn you, that this book is heavy in a section about dealing with the regrets and grief of a lost parent. It was a little too heavy for me at the end there. I did skim just a little. But throughout the rest of the book, it doesn’t overshadow it even though it is part of the plotline.

This is a spice-free romance.

This book is such a good book and highly recommend to help you get in the romantic Christmas spirit.