Mob vibes meets fantasy: Alexis L. Menard

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In this conversation, Booktrovert Reader interviews author Alexis L. Menard about her book House of Bane and Blood. Mob vibes meets fantasy.

They discuss the inspiration behind the story, the development of the characters, and the incorporation of steampunk elements. They also explore the challenges of writing fantasy, including worldbuilding and pacing.

Alexis shares her journey as an indie author and offers advice for aspiring writers. The conversation concludes with a teaser for the second book in the series and a discussion on dealing with comparison in the writing industry.  


  • House of Bane and Blood is a fantasy romance novel with elements of steampunk and a unique twist on vampires.
  • The story features an arranged marriage and explores the tension and chemistry between the two main characters.
  • Alexis L. Menard drew inspiration from shows like Peaky Blinders and video games like Dishonored for the setting and character development.
  • The book incorporates a magic system based on the remnants of saints and a science-backed technology to balance the power dynamics in the world.
  • As an indie author, Alexis emphasizes the importance of finding a supportive community of fellow authors and learning from their experiences.

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Meet the Author of 'House of Bane and Blood': An Interview with Alexis L. Menard

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