Meet the Author of ‘Symbol of Hope’: Fantasy Book Author Amber Paige

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Welcome to another episode on Booktrovert Reader Podcast!

For this book podcast episode, I have invited a special guest fantasy book author Amber Paige who wrote ‘Symbol of Hope.’

Hello Readers!

One of the best things about Bookstagram is meeting indie authors. In this episode, I meet another author named Amber Paige who wrote Symbol of Hope. She has such to share with you readers on her journey and her book.

What is discussed in this episode:

✨Inspiration behind her characters

✨Amber Paige’s writing process and her being a mood writer

✨Talking about the tough challenge of writing fantasy is the world-building

✨Amber Paige talking about Imposter Syndrome and mental health in her personal journey

✨Advice for first-time authors going into self-publishing

Connect with Amber Paige:
Instagram: @amberpaige_writer
Website: Amber Paige Author Website

Book Review: A Coming-of-Age Fantasy: Symbol of Hope

Purchase ‘Symbol of Hope.’ by Amber Paige at Amazon: HERE

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Meet the Author of 'Symbol of Hope': An Interview with Amber Piage

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