Maham Fatemi: Returning Podcast Guest

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Welcome to another episode on Booktrovert Reader Podcast!

Hello Readers! In this fantasy book podcast episode, I have a returning guest with her second book in the series, Maham Fatemi!

Following Kolfinna’s journey in ‘The Ruins of the Heartless Fae‘, ‘The Frost Soldier and the Gilded Duty’ has been my personally anticipated read that I am super excited to share with you!

What We Talk About:

❄️What it has been like since publishing her first novel

❄️Talking about book 2 in her series The Frost Soldier and the Gilded Duty

❄️What she is currently working on

❄️What her advice would be to aspiring authors

❄️Maham talks about her avoiding burnout when writing

❄️Maham message about the impact of bullying and body image through her book

Purchase ‘The Frost Soldier and the Gilded Duty.’ by Maham Fatemi at Amazon: HERE

Listen to the Episode

Meet the Author of 'The Frost Soldier and the Gilded Duty': An Interview with Maham Fatemi

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