Maggie Moves On: Book Review

Blue Book Cover with grey puttbull dog on it. Maggie Moves On
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Booktrovert Reader
Author: Lucy Score

“Maggie Moves On” by Lucy Score is a contemporary romance novel about a woman named Maggie who is a YouTuber who flips houses for a living with her partner Dain. She moves to a small town in Idaho to start a new flip. An old Victorian home that seems like a dump but has promise in Maggie’s eyes.

Her plans were to flip and get out of there. Like it has always been doing these renovations. But plans to go to smoke when she meets a handsome and charming man named Silas and a rambunctious pit bull named Kevin. Silas met Maggie when he came to the house to bid on the landscaping contract for the old home. Something that Maggie wasn’t anticipating was that Silas claims he has met his soul mate. And that is Maggie. 

Maggie really fights her relationship because she struggles to let go of her past and trust him. She loves her plans and schedules and can’t get past Silas’s careful and carefree personality. She had no plans to get into a relationship, stay in Idaho or fall in love. Until Silas started charming and pursuing her anyways.

As they started to get to know one another, Maggie started to get to the people in the town. With a full cast of side characters that you can’t help but fall in love with. Maggie soon realizes what it means to love them and be loved and supported in return.

What I really love about the story is the mystery of the Victorian home. As you go through the story, you uncover the mystery in that. Also, you get to see Maggie’s journey to healing past wounds and creating a new life for herself.

I really can’t help but really love Kevin, the Pitt Bull. He really sold the story for me.

“Maggie Moves On” is super wholesome and loved every moment of it.

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