Love & Other Words

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Author: Christina Lauren

Love & Other Words by Christina Lauren is an excellent dual-timeline book that had me almost crying my eyes out at the end. I don’t cry, but I was close on this one. Such a sweet romance can cause you to believe in timeless love.

This was slightly a hard read due to my personal experiences of loss and grief. But this was written well in my opinion that it wasn’t triggering to read.

I was also apprehensive about reading this because I didn’t like Say That You Still Love Me by KA Tucker. The dual timeline wasn’t a winner for me on that one and I was wondering if this would fall in the other book’s footsteps.

Christina Lauren once again delivered a timeless story that has me wrapped up in the lives main characters’ lives. Second chance romance that formed originally from a childhood friendship.

I love the friendship that developed between Macy and Elliot because of their love for reading. They didn’t instantly fall in love when they first met. It took time and them growing up that the feelings start to develop.

Through unfortunate circumstances and misunderstanding, they lost contact, until one day they cross paths at a coffee shop. Both are already in current relationships and realize deep down that there are feelings for one another that never went away with time.

Macy is now having to confront the things she was running from when Elliot returns to her life. Dealing with the path that she so desperately wants to run away from and the present, what she truly wants going forward.

I have a hate and a love relationship for the ending though. Her finding some closure about some things that happened in the past was super important. I had a harder time just accepting the fact of what happened and how it happened. I understand the grief and guilt that Macy was going through and felt it was a little glossed over at the end. So, the ending happened quickly and some issues I felt were important were swept under the rug.

Love & Other Words was a great read about a beautiful second chance at love, dealing with grief, and healing.

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