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Author: Stacey McEwan

“Ledge” by Stacey McEwan is her debut novel in a fantasy series that is set in the icy mountains. You have Dawyson, our main character who grew up on the Ledge her whole life. Only knowing starvation and fighting for her life on a regular basis. Every season, there is a sacrifice that is made to the terrible Glacians. These creatures have wings and claws that swoop down to claim a sacrifice. This time, Dawson was selected and once again she must fight to survive. With the help of a half-breed Glacian, Ryon, she starts a shaking alliance so they can get their revenge and get rid of the threat once and for all.

I have mixed emotions on this one. I love the creativity in this story. It is certainly something you haven’t read before and I loved that it was different. The elements in this are unique and I really enjoyed that aspect of it. But there were some things about it that weren’t the best.

I just wish there were more of the actual Glacians. The creatures that threaten Dawyson and her life. The ones who basically imprisoned the people on the Ledge and slowly picked off them one by one. Where were they? Barely there. A subplot to the story. The story really focused on how the Ledge came to be, the slow-burn romance, and Dawson getting answers to a lot of her questions on who she is.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved also what the book focuses on. You do get a lot of background on how the Ledge came to be and why. But also it takes time to get through the story to get those details. It took a while to get answers to my burning questions. This is okay, there was a little bit of mystery slowly unfolding but it focused on some things that weren’t that important to the story.

The cast of side characters that were introduced was skimmed. I can’t exactly place it. Like the author wanted to focus on them but the characters were slightly shallow. Not totally fleshed out. So you truly don’t get to know them.

I have to admit that I agree with some reviewers. The use of word “girl” was certainly overused to the point of being annoying.

So apparently there is some magic in this world. Just a little bit. But none of it is explained and seems to be only for the select few. Not sure, but I wish it was fleshed out a little more in this book. A little more world-building in the magic department.

The ending of course was a significant and shocking cliffhanger. I didn’t see it coming. But after thinking about the ending as well, I know what is going to happen next in the next book.

Not sure if I am curious enough to continue the series though. Maybe just enough to get it from the library but not enough to purchase for my book collection.

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