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I am excited to invite Quinn Loftis as a guest on the Booktrovert Reader Podcast!

In this book podcast episode, I interviewed an amazing indie author Quinn Loftis. 

She wrote an amazing book called Prince of Wolves. This is the best shifter romance series that I could recommend!

What an amazing person to talk to. She is a very vivid storyteller who is passionate about her faith which you can certainly see reflected in her books. You can’t help but listen to everything she says.

She shares so much wisdom in this wisdom for authors and I can’t wait to share it with you! This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

In This Episode:

🐺How Quinn Loftis started writing The Grey Wolves Series

🐺Who her characters were inspired by

🐺Talking about her new series Kingdom Shifters: Kingdom of Claws

🐺Shifter Series that Quinn Loftis Recommends

🐺Writing process when creating new worlds

🐺Advice for first-time authors

🐺Quinn Loftis thoughts on Fated Mates

🐺The Inspiration behind the Great Lunda

Purchase ‘Prince of Wolves.’ by Quinn Loftis at Amazon: HERE

Listen to the Episode

Meet the Author of 'The Prince of Wolves': An Interview with Quinn Loftis

Check out my book podcast website to find the places where you can download the podcast: HERE

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