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Welcome to another episode on Booktrovert Reader Podcast!

In this captivating episode of Booktrovert Reader Podcast, we delve deeper into the world of fantasy literature with a special guest, the talented author Tiara. Together, they unlock the enchanting secrets behind Tiara’s latest novel, ‘The Tales of Alexandria Stecklar: The Locket,’ exploring the inspiration behind this mystical tale, the epic conflict between physics and sorcery, Tiara’s unique mood-driven writing style, and the intriguing characters that populate her fantastical realm.

Episode Highlights:

  • The Birth of ‘The Locket’: Tiara shares the fascinating journey that led to the creation of “The Locket.” Listeners gain insight into the spark of inspiration, along with the personal experiences that contributed to the book’s inception.
  • The Clash of Realms – Physics and Sorcery: Explore the book’s central conflict – the war between physics and sorcery. Tiara provides an in-depth look at the unique inspiration that underlies this rivalry and the impact it has on the story’s world.
  • Crafting Worlds with Words – Tiara’s Writing Style: Tiara’s distinctive writing style, described as a “mood writer,” takes center stage. The discussion explores how mood and atmosphere enhance storytelling and character development, making “The Locket” a truly immersive experience.
  • Characters from the Imagination: Journey into the minds of the novel’s characters as Tiara reveals the inspirations behind their creation. Learn what makes these characters unforgettable and relatable.
  • Conquering the Challenges of Fantasy Writing: Tiara opens up about the challenges she faced while crafting the fantastical world of “The Locket.” Discover how she overcame these obstacles and the valuable lessons she learned along the way.

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Meet the Author of 'The Tales of Alexandra Stecklar: The Locket': An Interview with Tiara Brown

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