I Suck at Sarah J Maas Universe Theories, So I Invited An Expert

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Welcome to another episode on Booktrovert Reader Podcast!

I suck at finding Sarah J Maas Universe Theories. There are so many in-depth ways to find them that overwhelms me.

With House of Flame and Shadow approaching, you can’t help but dig deeper into the Crescent City theories. 

So I invited someone who knew more than I did and it was certainly enlightening! We also dug deeper into House of Sky and Breath for these theories. Check out the episode below on my podcast or YouTube for the episode.


Booktrovert Reader and Anna discuss theories and connections in Sarah J. Maas’ Massverse. They explore the characters and relationships in the Crescent City series, particularly Bryce and Hunt. They also delve into the concept of parallel worlds and the possibility of different versions of characters existing in different timelines. The conversation highlights the passion and speculation surrounding Maas’ books and the anticipation for future releases. In this part of the conversation, the principal themes revolve around the character of Hunt and his mysterious past, potential manipulation, and connections to other worlds. The chapters cover topics such as the sad story of Cormac, the lack of depth in Hunt’s character, and the theories surrounding his binding and demonic connection. The conversation concludes with predictions for Crescent City 3 and the potential role of Nesta and the Dread Trove from A Court of Silver Flames.
In this conversation, Booktrovert Reader and Ana Hencey discuss various theories and speculations about the characters and plot of the Crescent City series by Sarah J. Maas. They explore the possibility of Hunt being manipulated and controlled by external forces, the challenge of understanding the names and terminology in the books, and the speculation about Hunt’s mysterious history. They also highlight the ongoing excitement and enjoyment of being part of an ongoing series with new books and theories to explore.


  • The Crescent City series by Sarah J. Maas has sparked numerous theories and speculations among readers.
  • The complexity of the names and terminology in the series can make it challenging to fully understand and analyze the story.
  • The character of Hunt raises many questions about his history and potential connections to other characters.
  • Being part of an ongoing series allows for ongoing discussions, theories, and excitement among readers.


00:00Introduction and Background
08:49Bryce and Hunt: Endgame?
21:52String Theory and Parallel Worlds
36:44The Sad Story of Cormac
37:07The Fate of Hunt and the Religious Undertones
38:19The Lack of Depth in Hunt’s Character
39:22Hunt’s Mysterious Past and Potential Demonic Connection
41:23Hunt’s Vision and Possible Manipulation
44:19The Theory of Hunt’s Binding and Manipulation
46:11The Connection Between Hunt and Other Characters
48:19The Tie-In with Other Worlds and the Throne of Glass Series
49:04The Tragic Story of Orion and its Potential Impact on Hunt
53:39Predictions for Crescent City 3
59:33The Mystery of Jessabah and the Book of Breathings
01:02:11The Connection Between Rifts and Gates
01:06:15The Significance of the House of Flame and Shadow
01:08:08The Role of Nesta and the Dread Trove
01:11:08The Symbolism of the Number Seven and the Bright Hand
01:12:34The Connection Between Orion and Hunt
01:13:29Theories about Hunt’s Manipulation
01:14:27The Difficulty of Understanding Names and Terminology
01:15:11Speculation about Hunt’s History
01:17:48The Ongoing Fun of an Ongoing Series
01:18:23Conclusion and Invitation to Share Theories

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