Hooked: Peter Pan Reimagined

Hooked book cover by Annette K. Larson. Girl in a blue dress with a pirate ship in the background
Booktrovert Reader
Booktrovert Reader
Author: Annette K. Larson

Tales of Winberg, #1


‘Hooked: Peter Pan Retelling’ is a book that I stumbled upon in my Kindle Unlimited search.

Picking this up in hopes of getting a good Peter Pan retelling that I am craving.

Did I see any Peter Pan retelling in this? Not really. There wasn’t magic and it seemed like more of a historical romance than fantasy. But this was still an entertaining read for sure.

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The only literal distinction that this was a retelling was Captain Huckley. But he wasn’t really in the picture that much until a third of the book. Once Captain Huckley got involved in the story, then the story pacing just stopped. It was slightly boring and didn’t care for it.

The only real reason I liked this book was the love story in this. It felt like a super wholesome love story. You understood why Cecily didn’t give in to Falstone advances right away. It unravels her backstory as she shares it with Falstone.

I didn’t truly understand why Falstone didn’t want to marry. I somehow missed that part and didn’t understand his slight hesitation at first.

Overall, if you want an easy and clean romance read this is it.

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