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Author: April Asher

Supernatural Singles, #3 

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Now I love Not Your Exes Hexes which is the second book in the series. But I LOVED Not Your Crush’s Cauldron even more.

Olive is officially my favorite sister of the Maxwell sisters.

She has a personality that I resonate with and to me is very likable. Even though she is considered predictable by wearing old underwear on weekdays, she stepped out of her comfort zone to be an example to her students. Doing wild things such as aerial acrobats and getting an impressively large tattoo.

She didn’t do it alone. She did it with none other than Baxter AKA Bax. A guardian angel who has secretly been assigned to her to make sure she is not going too wild. Even though she is an assignment, he can’t help but really enjoy spending time with her.

The chemistry between our two main characters is amazing. From the get-go they are obviously meant to be together. For one thing, they have been friends for a very long time. Then roommates. And now really falling for each other as Olive crosses off tasks from her Docket list that gets her out of her comfort zone.

I love how Bax has a backstory as well. He is not really happy being a guardian angel and has passions to be a tattoo artist. But because of the expectations of his father, he does the job he is told to do. So you see him go on his journey to figure out what is important to him at the end of the day.

I was holding my breath when it came to the miscommunication trope part of this story. Slightly rolling my eyes on how that part of the story was unfolding. But I love how in the dialogue between the sisters that it was addressed of falling into bad communication. But through the help of Olive’s sister she was about to work through it like an adult and fought for what she wanted.

The only thing that I wish that this book dived into was the guardian angel aspect of it. What was the real reason that Bax was assigned to Olive? What exactly did Olive do or was going to do to trigger that? And as Bax as the guardian angel, what exactly is he supposed to do to guard her? Because he didn’t exactly stop Olive from doing anything. He actually went along with whatever she did. I wanted more explanation to that part of the story.

I love Harper in this. Oh my goodness, the sex demon added so much fun to the story. Her humor and fun personality is so fun and entertaining that I hope to see a book for her. Please…oh please!

This is a cute friends to lovers story that had me smiling a lot while reading this and can’t wait for another April Asher book.

Thank you St. Martins, NetGalley, and April Asher for giving me a copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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