Fresh Take on Fantasy Romance: Divine Rivals

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Author: Rebecca Ross

Letters of Enchantment, #1


Is this worth the hype, I can honestly say that this is in every way worth the hype.

How can something like this be so impactful on readers everywhere? I really don’t know how to write this book review, what else can be said from anyone who has written this review better than me? There is not much left to say that you should try to read this book. This book is romantically magical.

This book is by far, a fantastic fantasy romance this year. Divine Rivals is one of the books I would recommend reading if you are starting out in the fantasy genre.

This is beautifully written and I cannot wait for book two to show up in my hands. I am already nervous that this will be two books only. How is this going to end? So much has happened in the first book!

This is a mix of historical fiction with magic realism. There is a war going on, a war between Gods that have been fighting each other for centuries. People are joining this fight for the Gods that they believe in. This really reminds me of the Second World War 2 times. Which is my favorite time period to read in historical fiction

I love the chemistry between Iris and Roman. It is so down-to-earth romantic that I wanted so much more than was given to me. It was a slow build-up and the things that Roman does to show how much he cares for Iris are so enduring.

“The days grow darker. And when you find something good? You hold on to it. You don’t waste time worrying about things that won’t even matter in the end. Rather, you take the risk for that light.”

What Iris goes through in this book is heartbreaking but at the same time shows how incredibly strong she is. I really loved Iris as a character and am looking forward to seeing how her character develops in the future.

This is in my opinion a very romantic and well-written story with that touch of fantasy in it that there is a good chance it will take your breath away.