Fireheart: YA Fantasy You Don’t Want to Miss

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Author: Vanessa Lanang

Fireheart #1


Another book picked up by an amazing indie ya fantasy author Vanessa Lanang!

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This is a fantastic young adult fantasy novel for teens.

What drew me into this novel is the first chapter. You are brought immediately into the action with the main character Kaliyah. Where the weapon of choice is a bow and arrow and she is coming against dragons. A bow and arrow is not a typical weapon of choice in fantasy in general so I certainly enjoyed something different.

Kaliyah is strong, independent, very skilled in combat, and not a whining character at all. Sometimes, ya fantasy can be a challenge for me due to the maturity of the character. This was not the case and I certainly enjoyed reading Kaliyah and her journey to discovering truth and magic.

I love the small bit of romance in this book. It is clean and not too heavy in the story. Nice change of speed from what I have been reading already.

The only thing that I wished personally more of is that this had a little more world building. Even though I love the action scene in the very beginning, you are sort of just plopped into the story line. Not really knowing what is going on and why. A little more background in this world would have been amazing.

Thank you Vanessa Lanang for giving me a copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.