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Booktrovert Reader

 Find cheap books that won’t break the bank sometimes can be challenging.

One thing I am consistently doing is finding cheap books. I am not one to buy books at full price on Amazon, Kindle Unlimited, or in a brick-and-mortar bookstore. Though I occasionally do from those places, I just find that buying affordable books is better on the wallet and allows me to purchase a few more books for the price of one.

Depending on the condition of the book you desire, you can find some fantastic deals on books online. There are tons of platforms out there that are available to you!

Here are the cheap books stores online that I would recommend.


This online used bookstore is my kryptonite. You will most likely find me on this sight when purchasing used books.  I sincerely believe that this is the most budget-friendly online bookstore out there. 

I would not have my collection today if it wasn’t for this website.

Thriftbooks acquire various conditions of used books from libraries, thrift stores, and such to provide to the public used books. If you don’t mind your books not being perfectly new and sometimes not the same book covers, this place is great for you.

A few things add to why I love Thriftbooks so much. It’s their shipping and of course the cheap prices for used books. On average, books can range from $4-$8 depending on the condition of the book.

You only need to purchase $15 worth of books to qualify for free shipping. Thats it! This is amazing when you only want a few used books to purchase. No pressure on finding a ton of used books you don’t want when you are trying to save money.


  1. I wouldn’t buy new books from here only because if you price shop, they are consistently $3-4 more expensive than you would buy from Amazon. I usually wait for a used copy to become available or if I am impatient enough then you might see me buy from Amazon at that point. But if you are looking for the points, then go for it. Which I have done for the full Savage Land series due to double points day for new books.
  2. If you are getting a hardcover book, make sure it has the dust jacket on it at checkout. Upon checking out, there will be a symbol next to the title to let you know if it doesn’t include the dust jacket. I have made the mistake of not checking and I have a book with no jacket. It bothers me.
  3. Very rarely do you get a book that is totally in terrible condition. If you get a book that is in really bad condition, don’t hesitate to contact customer service. They have been super great in replacing the copy at no charge or refunding the money.
  4. If there is a book you want but is out of stock? Put it on your wishlist. When you sign up for emails, you will be notified when that book is now back in stock.
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Book Outlet

This is an amazing place to get brand-new books in hardcover or paperback for amazing prices.

Every once in a while, I do love a new book. But sometimes those books are $25 or more on Amazon and I am not willing to spend that much on a single book.

Book Outlet sources their books from places that printed too many copies, store returns or there is a small error in the print.

Their inventory can be limited but they do consistently acquire popular titles that can be purchased dirt cheap.

With the shipping minimum purchase amount being $35 or more, I don’t typically go to this website quite often. But when I do, there are times I can get a wide range of titles for a good price.


  1. Shipping can take up to 3-10 business days, so be prepared for it to take a little longer than normal. 
  2. Don’t let books sit in your books too long. Sometimes Book Outlet has a limited amount of supply and may never be in stock for a very long time. Or ever.
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Pango Books

This is an app-based on used book from private sellers. Usually, I find that there are book lovers like me that are ready to pass on a book to another reader.

What I like a lot about this platform is that you are supporting local book lovers because you are buying the book from them. 

If you price shop it right, you can get some good prices on gently used popular copies of books that are at a great price.


  1. Watch out for the shipping! When you want to buy a book from two different sellers, you have to pay for shipping for both books. Because it is coming from two different locations. The cost can go up to that point. So sometimes, it is best to purchase all your books from one seller. Sometimes they offer free shipping for a certain amount of items bought from their shop.
  2. If you look into the seller’s bio, sometimes you will see that they offer small items such as a bookmark for purchasing from their shop. Or, they are willing to negotiate for a price of a book. Even if it’s not listed, it doesn’t hurt to private message them to negotiate.
  3. Please rate! Since they are individual sellers, giving them a positive review helps them significantly. Especially if they are good communicators, the packing is spectacular and/or they ship within two days of buying the book.

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