Fantasy Romance Author Interview: J.A Good

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Welcome to another episode on Booktrovert Reader Podcast!

In this book podcast episode of Booktrovert Reader Podcast, join me with the talented author JA Good. From her favorite fantasy books to navigating the authorial journey and even her unique approach to planning, this conversation promises a peek into the mind of a remarkable storyteller.

Episode Highlights:

  • JA Good’s Favorite Fantasy Reads: Discover the magical worlds that have captured JA Good’s heart and influenced her as an author. Explore the titles that have left an indelible mark on her writing journey.
  • Best Advice for Aspiring Authors: Get insider tips and invaluable advice from JA Good for budding writers who are looking to embark on their own literary journey. Learn from her experiences and gain insights into the craft of storytelling.
  • Journey of Main Characters in JA Good’s Books: Delve into the captivating journeys undertaken by the main characters in JA Good’s stories. Explore the development, challenges, and growth of these characters that have resonated with readers.
  • Allergic to Planning – JA Good’s Creative Process: Uncover the unconventional approach JA Good takes towards planning her stories. She shares how she navigates the writing process without adhering strictly to outlines and structures.
  • Finding Critique Partners – JA Good’s Insights: Learn about JA Good’s methods for finding and collaborating with critique partners. Discover the value of constructive feedback in honing the craft of writing.

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Meet the Author of 'Forgotten Embers': An Interview with J.A Good

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