Exploring Bookish Toxic Habits: An Honest Take on Reader Traits

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Hello readers! It’s Charity, your host at Booktrovert Reader Podcast, and today, I’m diving into something that rings true for many of us—bookish toxic traits. Whether you’re a seasoned reader or just beginning your literary journey, there are habits we all share, some of which might leave you nodding in agreement.

1. Book Buying Addiction

Have you ever found yourself staring at a bookshelf that resembles a mini-library and yet felt that pull to buy more books? Guilty as charged! The allure of multiple editions of the same book might puzzle some, but for many, it’s about the sheer beauty they add to our shelves. I’ve questioned buying various copies of the same book, even though the ornate editions are tempting. Lately, I’ve restrained my book-buying impulses, opting for used copies or discounted pre-orders.

2. The Unread TBR Pile

Ah, the towering “to be read” pile—the perpetual struggle! I’ve been there; I bought a horde of books in my early days and now find it challenging to tackle them all. Being active in book communities means I’m constantly exploring new releases, making it harder to chip away at the old ones. The solution? Well, let’s just say not buying more books seems impossible for us bibliophiles.

3. Judging Books by Their Covers

We’ve all heard the phrase “never judge a book by its cover,” yet, admit it or not, the cover often grabs our attention first. With the influx of new releases bombarding us on social media, an appealing cover becomes the gateway to exploring the synopsis. It’s a quick filter in a sea of options, though we might strive to follow the advice to look beyond it.

4. Dog-Earring Pages

Some readers can’t stand bookmarks and resort to dog-earing pages to mark their place. Personally, I’m a stickler against this practice. While it’s fine to treat your own books as you please, borrowing a book or finding a library book riddled with folded corners is a pet peeve of mine.

5. Breaking Spines

The well-loved, spine-cracked books amidst pristine ones—a common sight on many bookshelves. While I don’t mind a broken spine in a used book, witnessing it happen to my own copies fills me with a touch of regret.

6. Reading the Last Page First

Patience can often elude us, leading to the temptation of peeking at the last page before starting a book. Personally, I relish the surprises that unfold, but the curiosity to peek is understandable.

7. Sniffing Books

Ah, that new book smell! There’s something intoxicating about the scent of fresh pages. While I don’t go around sniffing books, entering a room full of books with that distinct smell is a delight.

8. Distrusting Movie Adaptations

Skepticism reigns when it comes to movie adaptations. Rarely do films capture the essence of the books, leaving us disappointed. There have been exceptions, but more often than not, the movies fall short.

9. Bookshelf Reorganization Obsession

The perpetual rearrangement of bookshelves based on color, author, or any arbitrary criterion resonates with many. Personally, I’ve settled into a system that works for me—TBR books organized by series and read books by color.

10. Book Hoarding

Letting go of books can be an emotional struggle. Even though I know I won’t reread some, parting with them feels challenging. The fear of losing out on a potential reread or imagining future children enjoying them makes it harder to declutter.

11. Collecting Without Reading

There’s a fine line between collecting books and accumulating unread ones. It’s not uncommon to buy books that end up becoming shelf decorations rather than reading material.

12. Ignoring Real-World Events

Sometimes, the allure of a fictional world becomes an escape from reality. The chaos outside seems easier to deal with when immersed in a captivating story.

Embracing these quirks isn’t about self-criticism but celebration. It’s what makes us unique as readers. Do any of these resonate with you? Remember, it’s okay—embrace your bookish habits, enjoy your reading adventures, and celebrate the joys that come with being a bookworm.

Catch you later, readers!

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