City of Bones: Your Next Must-Read Book

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Author: Cassandra Clare

The Mortal Instruments, #1


City of Bones is a book that is well-beloved YA Fantasy series among reading enthusiasts. I have attempted to read City of Bones back when it was first published back in 2007. But at the time, I couldn’t get into it. Looking back, I would say that I had no interest in demon’s stories and Clary as a main character. 

Why might one ask? Well, I would say I was more interested in reading Tamora Pierce’s books and reading Wicked than reading a YA Fiction novel. But alas, my taste has changed, and I embraced this book with an open mind and arms.

Now going back and reading this as an adult, I decided to give this book a try once again. And I have to admit, this wasn’t half bad.

My Thoughts of City of Bones:

Sometimes when I come across YA fiction written in the early 2000s, the characters can come across as a little too immature. Where their attitudes make you cringe quite a bit. You quickly realize that you may have acted like that at one point in your young adult life. Makes you want to throw your book against the wall because of the way they were acting. Yeah, that immature type of behavior from characters.

I mean in City of Bones; these characters were acting their age, but it wasn’t super annoying to read for once.

Now, I am not super in love with Clary. She is trying to be a hero, but she is failing quite a bit. Where the side characters are picking up the slack when it comes to heroism and fighting. She has been, let’s go do this, and I have to do that to save this person!!! She will bring her sidekicks along to do most of the dirty work. Then when the time comes, she freezes. Or just sometimes does the talking to the bad guy. 

Clary has the strong, CHOSEN ONE vibe that can get annoying in a story. I am not writing her off completely, but I wonder how her character will develop in the series. If she will grow to be a stronger person to protect herself and not depend on others.

My favorite character is Jace in this read. I like how smart butt that he is as a defense mechanism. The way he thinks on his feet is almost a calculated but reckless way. He knows how to defend the people he cares about. He won me over once the story transitioned to being at the Institute. You got to see more depth of his character once there.

One thing I would say that is slightly annoying in the story. That there are times in the book when it seems drawn out. Like moments where “come to the dark side….no don’t do it…. come to the dark side….no that’s not who you are.” There is way too much dialogue between the main character and the villain.

You can see some of the plot lines miles away. But it is more like asking yourself when it will happen more than anything. But Cassandra Clare wrote it in a way where she sets up the backstory of each unfolding plot really well. So, it doesn’t seem like a total surprise in the end.

Also, if anyone who reads this book knows about the weird love triangle that happens in this book. So, I am wondering what is going to happen next on that front.

Either way, I am looking to see how this story and its characters develop. I know that The Mortal Instrument series is a well-loved story among the book community. I look forward to developing my own opinion of this series.

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