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Author: J. Bree

Bonds That Tie, #1


Well, this was a pleasant surprise and not what I expected.

This was another book that I picked up based on the plethora of posts on Instagram about this book. Wanting to try it, I read this book with one of my friends from Bookstagram and we were both blown away.

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We both read this book in a few hours. It was that good. It had an effect that sucked you in and you couldn’t stop until you finished it. Yes, it does leave you on a cliffhanger. Is it soul-sucking to the point where you want to throw the book across the room? Of course not, lol, I would be throwing my Kindle and that would be stupid. But I will say that I immediately went to the second book at that point. I am shameless.

Don’t come at me when I say this, this book reminds me of Zodiac Academy. But “Broken Bonds” was better written and way more interesting. Yes, Broken Bonds do have the bully aspect and alpha male and such. But the writing wasn’t terrible and for me personally, the bullying was tolerable not disgusting like Zodiac Academy was.

This book is a let-you-know basis kind of storytelling. You don’t know any details of this world, of the character, or even the magic system until the time in the story it is important to know for the story. For example, you don’t know how the magic system barely works until well into the book. Normally when I read fantasies, I want to know all the details of the world as quickly as possible. But Broken Bonds was not the case but I was okay with it. The story progress in a way that made you want to continue reading to find out more about what is going on in that world. Made it an entertaining read.

Something I can preface to say is that you are not going to get the details right away but more like as you continue in the series. There will be more explanations of things as you go along.

The cast of characters is quite a number of them. Each and every one of them you can either love or hate them. They are so unique and different from one another that it is easy to tell who is who and what they mean in the female main characters’ life. My favorite was North and Gryphon. And no, I am not okay.

Bree really explores the why to choose love trope. Which to be frank, is a nice change for once. Even though there is a lot of jealousy and touch her or die going around, in this world, having multiple guys or bonds, is normal and expected. So in a way, it is a fresh take and something interesting to dabble in.

I think if you want a quick and out-of-the-box read. This would be it. It is a fantasy world that is created to escape to and not the normal storyline in this book.

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