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Booktrovert Reader
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In this book podcast episode, I sit down with my bookstagrammer friend @bookish_megeen to discuss our latest read Broken Ties by J. Bree. We dive deep into the book’s themes, characters, and overall impressions. We share our favorite moments and insights, giving listeners a unique perspective on the novel.

Megan has been on Bookstagram for a little over a year and is super passionate about what she reads. She is great about connecting with other people in the bookish community.


In this episode, Megan and I talk about:


🎙️Getting to know Bookstagrammer Megan

🎙️Favorite characters

🎙️Magic systems of this book

🎙️Some of the triggers in the book


Megan is fun and passionate about what she shares if you are not sure about this book, this is a place to find out.

Her Socials:

Bookish_Megeen | Instagram, TikTok | Linktree


Warning: this book podcast does have spoilers.


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