Behind the Mic: Narrator Jacci Prior Reveals Secrets of Romantic Fantasy Audiobooks! 🎙️✨

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Welcome to another episode on Booktrovert Reader Podcast!

🔍 Dive into the world of audiobook narration with Jacci Prior! 🎧 Discover her journey from YA to romantic fantasy, talking about spicy scenes, and insights on collaborating with narrators. Plus, the lowdown on AI vs. human narrators! 📚 #Audiobook #NarrationInsights

“I think it is this beautiful, magical combination of the right narrator and a fantastic story. And when those two come together, it’s just pure magic.” ~Jacci Prior

Purchase Audiobooks that Jacci Prior has Narrated:

House in Bain and Blood:

Stars are Dying:

Sky of Thorns:

Check out my interview with author Alexis Menard of House of Bain and Blood. ➡️

🗣️ Jacci Prior: ‘Narrating spicy scenes requires finesse and respect for the story. It’s an art in balancing passion with professionalism.’ 🌶️📖 #AudiobookNarration #RomanticFantasy

🌟 Ever wondered about duet narration? Jacci spills the beans on how it elevates character voices and enhances the audiobook experience! 🎭🎤 #DuetNarration #AudiobookCraft

🎧Curious about the world behind audiobook narration? Don’t miss this eye-opening interview with Jacci Prior! Hit play for industry insights, challenges, and the passion that fuels every narration. 🎧✨ #ListenNow #FantasyBookChannel

📚✨ Join Jacci Prior as she unveils the process of narrating a standalone fantasy book – from the excitement to the challenges. Gain a firsthand look at the art of bringing stories to life! 🎙️ #AudiobookProcess #StandaloneFantasy

🌟 Narrator Jacci Prior opens up about facing chronic illness in the narration world. Discover how she navigates challenges while bringing passion to every project. 🌈💪 #NarratorJourney #OvercomingObstacles

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