Be Heard: 10 Essential Tips to Get Noticed by Book Podcasts

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When I started this book podcast, I had an amazing opportunity to interview some amazing fantasy book authors. But first, I had to find them and invite them to be my guest on my podcast.

After talking to a few authors, book marketing can be the biggest struggle. One recommendation is to be a guest on a book podcast to promote your book. But how can you be found by these podcasts?

When searching for authors, there are a few things that help me find and contact each author. So I got a list together of my 10 Essential Tips to Get Noticed by Book Podcasts.

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Follow the podcaster

Follow the podcaster on social media and their newsletters. Make sure to interact with their comments on other interviews and posts. Share other episodes in your Instagram stories! That would get the podcasters attention to know that you are interested in their podcast.

Have a social media presence

Podcasters want to know that you are active on your social media. Have a profile picture of yourself and showcase your book in the bio. If you are regularly posting and interacting with your followers, then it shows that you are active and willing to share the podcast once your episode goes live.

Have your book with a cover and a few reviews

Podcasters like to make sure they are recommending books that their followers would like to read. If there are no reviews or even a book cover, then it is hard to tell if the host or their followers will even enjoy it.

Have a website with an email

If it is difficult to get in contact or find you, then chances are slim that the host of a podcast would accept your request for an interview. Having a website and an email that podcasters can find easily will help you be discovered by them as well. I can’t tell you how many times I had to pass up on an author because I had no way of contacting them.

Have a way to find your book

It is super important to have multiple ways to find your book. Whether it is on Goodreads or Amazon. Make sure to list your book links so podcasters can read about your book.

Be prepared to provide a ebook or physical copy of your book

Podcasters want to know more about your book so be prepared to give a free copy of your book. Reading the book beforehand gives the host more questions to ask you and to dive deeper into the behind the scenes of the book.

Collaborate with influencers

If you have connections with influencers or authors that have been on that podcast, they might be able to introduce you to the podcast host.

Don’t just DM the podcaster to be on the Podcast

Don’t private message them and ask to be on the podcast. Do your research and find out if there is a process to be considered a guest on the podcast. If you can’t find it, then DM and ask them if there is a form that you can fill out to request to be on the podcast.

Check your spam folder often

Oddly enough, if you’re invited to be a guest through email, but it accidently goes to the spam folder, then you will never know you have been invited. So frequently checking your spam folder may prevent your invites from going unanswered.

Join Facebook groups or book clubs

Not only can you promote your book there, every once in a while, you will see podcasts to these social media groups. Once you see it, make sure to comment on how to request to be on the book podcast.

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