A SciFi/Fantasy that Took my Breath Away: The Hurricane Wars

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Author: Thea Guanzon

The Hurricane Wars, #1

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When I picked up ‘The Hurricane Wars’ by Thea Guanzon, I didn’t think I would like a sci fi fantasy book. But look out folks, here we are and this is without a doubt the best sci fi fantasy books I have read. I would even dare say this is better than Fourth Wing *gasp* I know. But my opinion stands.

Here is Why I Loved 'The Hurricane Wars'

First off, this literally cured the book slump that I was currently going through. I lost faith in romance and I didn’t have it in me to care for any romance in books anymore. Hence I didn’t 100% fall in love with Fourth Wing. The Hurricane Wars literally revived me from that pit of darkness.

The Magic System

This is a book that plays on the fantasy elements shadow and light magic. The shadow magic users have essentially eliminated the light magic users. As so they thought. It turns out that a member of the rebellion against the shadow users can use light magic. Her name is Talasyn, who is our female main character in this story. She is strong and courageous in what she does. She is not by all means a whiny character. She gets the job done and effectively.

The Romance *chefs kiss*

This is truly an enemy to lovers, angst fantasy romance as well. None of that garbage where they get together ⅓ into the book or the FMC is salivating at the first look at the MC. I am looking at you Fourth Wing. Nope. This one made me hang literally off the edge of my seat wondering if this pair will get together. Or will they? They didn’t instantly lust each other. There was a slow development of the relationship and the tension of the romance. The best thing I read in awhile.

The Characters

Let’s talk about the MMC in The Hurricane Wars. I am in love.

Prince Alaric……I can’t get enough of you. You are my book boyfriend. 

I really loved the dynamic between Prince Alric and Talasyn. They really fought one another. Magic and verbal jabs with each other. With them being opposing sides due to the mere fact of their magic puts them at odds with each other from the get go.

The Plot

Now I will say, the first 35% of this book is an information overload roller coaster. This author in the first 35% of the book puts you through so much world-building and plot development that it can be a lot. A lot of things are happening with the war and what is going on with the characters. Since I was going through my slump, I almost DNF this. I know, I can’t believe it either. But almost did. For unknown reasons I can’t explain, I decided not to give up and push through. Worth the effort to get through. That sweet spot is 35% and it is golden in my eyes. It is one of those books I would recommend to get at least the 35-50% mark on this one before giving up.

Another thing is that the story starts one way, then totally and unexpectedly shifts into something different. Without really the plot, it was surprising and exactly what I needed.

I really enjoyed ‘The Hurricane Wars’ by Thea Guanzon. It is my new favorite this year.

There is not enough praise I can give this book. It is a book that you need to read to understand my love for this.

But the real question is, when will be the second book? I need it now.

Thank you NetGalley for giving me a copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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