A Deal with an Elf King: Book Reviews

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Booktrovert Reader
Booktrovert Reader
Author: Elise Kova

Married to Magic, #1


“A Deal with the Elf King” by Elise Kova gave me a beautiful beauty and the beast fairytale retelling vibes. I love how this was written and the world was built beautifully. A world where there are elves, faeries, vampires, and so on. Oh gosh, there is so much going on that I want more of!

This is the first book of the Married to Magic series that I  picked up by Elise Kova. It seems like everyone is picking up some form of her work somewhere on Bookstagram. So, with this being the first book I read from her, bravo Kova, bravo.

I love the aspect of this elvish world needing a human queen to keep their world balanced. Luella is a trained herbalist for her village and as far as she can tell, nothing special.

Then one day, the Elf King came himself to take Luella as his wife and as the new Human Queen. To restore the balance and prevent their world from collapsing.

Now this power has a cost, as it slowly drains the power and life from Luella until she can no longer support the throne anymore and the cycle repeats itself. Well Luella decides that this no longer continues and she must discover a way to break this curse.

As she comes close to breaking the curse, she also starts to get to know the Elf King Eldas and starts to wonder where she truly belongs. Back in the human world, or the world with him whom she is falling in love with.

This story was well thought out and written. I loved the storyline and the world. I would have to say that there was a lull in the middle of the book. Nothing was really happening and it felt like the book was dragged out a bit.

Also, this is not a slow-burn romance, it is a watch-the-water-boil type of romance. Nothing was happening at all. If you keep looking for it, it will take longer to show up. Maybe 72% percent in, something in the lines of the romance really happens. Then it fades as the plot of the story thickens. So, is there romance? Yes! But I felt like it wasn’t the highlight and it dragged for me.

Either way, I am still reading the other books because like I said, I love the world that was built, and I am interested in finding out more about what Elise Kova has created.

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